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The Wirecities Cloud - How to Get Started & FAQ:

Cloud servers are highly available virtual servers that combine the high performance of dedicated servers & the easy scalability of virtual private servers into an easily managed, hourly billed service. Following the following instructions to get setup on the Cloud:

1. In order to start being able to create and delete servers on our OpenStack cloud, you will need to setup an account with us. The account costs you nothing to create and all you need is a credit card for billing & verification purposes, which will not be charged if you have zero usage. View your cloud packages here.

2. Once your account is setup and activated which is completed instantly, you can login to your cloud service and create your first Linux or Windows server. The server will be created instantly and you will be provided with the administrative password as well as full control using our control panel.

3. Once your servers are setup, you can manage them either using our cloud control panel that allows you to leverage all of the OpenStack features or opt to use the developer APIs. Alternatively, you can also use any OpenStack compatible tools such as the CLI tools to manage your cloud services. You can access these tools from your client control area.

How to Use the Wirecities OpenStack Control Panel:

Control Panel Our control panel gives you full control of your OpenStack cloud, allowing you to create or delete servers at anytime, as well as maintaining snapshots and other core OpenStack features.

Instances Every instance is a fully functioning virtual cloud computer where you can install a guest operating system of your choice (image) with network configuration and a suite of software.

Instance Actions You can complete multiple actions on each instance from to power and backup actions in the management console. All of these actions are available for all instances.

Instance Overview Review all of your instance information from the overview page, including power and task states and reset your password without rebooting your server.

Resize Instance The resize function converts an existing server to a different instance type (scaling the server up or down). The original server is saved for a period of time to allow rollback if there is a problem.

OpenStack Control Panel The leading cloud management control panel Our control panel allows you manage your entire cloud infrastructure with us, offering you features from creating and deleting servers to managing complex security groups & key pairs.

Instance IP Addresses Each instance is connected to 2 networks, the public and private network. All traffic that goes through the public network is billed per gigabyte while the private network traffic is free.

Instance Security Groups The instance can be associated with multiple security groups that you created in the security groups section of the cloud management console.

Instance Console The console provides you access to connect and manage your instance. The behaviour of the console differs from operating system to another.

Instance Metrics The metrics for your server are instantly updated and reflect your current usage, they allow you to make scaling decisions based on your usage. These metrics are included with all instances for free.

Instance System Log The system log contains all the console output of the server. It contains the exact output that would normally be displayed if you had a physical monitor attached to the machine.

Images & Snapshots An image is a collection of files used to create or rebuild a server. We do provide a number of pre-built OS images by default. You may also create custom images from your cloud instances.

Security Groups OpenStack provides ingress filtering for the instances based on the concept of security groups. A Security Group is a named set of rules that get applied to the incoming packets for the instances.

Keypairs Keypairs allow you to login to your instances without having to remember the passwords for each of your instances and allows you to automate any tasks using password-less login to the server.

Usage Reports You can check all of the instances and images that you’ve created, modified or resized in the history of your account at anytime. These records are archived for billing reasons.