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Transferring your domain name to Wirecities is very simple.   This article will walk you through the entire process.


  1. First, you might need to update your domain name settings with your current registrar in order to ensure that it is properly configured to allow a domain transfer to take place. All of the settings mentioned here can either be obtained/changed by contacting your current provider by phone or email and simply asking for these changes, or by using an online interface that offers the option of changing things yourself. Here's what needs to be done:
    1. Your email address MUST be associated as the domain's Administrative Contact in what is often referred to as the WHOIS database.
    2. Your domain must NOT have a transfer lock active. You need to disable the transfer lock if it is active.
    3. You must obtain the Transfer Key (also called the EPP key or Transfer Authorization code) for your domain. The EPP key is usually emailed to the administrative contact upon request.
    4. You cannot transfer domains that have been registered or renewed less than 60 days ago. If it was, you will need to wait a minimum of 60 days to place your transfer order. We recommend skipping ahead to the web hosting transfer steps below and performing your domain transfer order later.

      Please allow up to 24 hours for any changes to your domain name to take effect.

  2. With your domain name ready for transfer, you may now place the new transfer order with Wirecities.
  3. If you need hosting (recommended): Select the hosting package you wish to purchase (if in doubt, we recommend our most popular package, the Advanced hosting)
  4. If you do not need hosting (only reserving the domain): Click on the Transfer Domain tab and enter your domain name
  5. You will be prompted to enter your EPP code now. Please enter the code obtained in step 1.3. Keep in mind that EPP codes are not needed for .ca domain transfers
  6. Complete the order and make your payment.
  7. Wait for a transfer verification email that will be sent to you by the central registry. You will be required to access a link (URL) within that email and accept the transfer request.
  8. Wait for a confirmation email from Wirecities confirming that your domain name has been successfully transferred. This may take up to 7 days, assuming all the previous steps were completed successfully. In the event that there was a problem with your transfer causing it to fail, we will also inform you of this and you will be able to re-initiate the transfer once more (after having made all necessary corrections).
  9. Assuming you also purchased web hosting with us, once your domain is transferred, you will need to update your domain's DNS. This will link your domain name to your new hosting account with us. Note: in order to guarantee a smooth transition, only update your DNS to ours after having transferred all your web files on your new account and re-created all your email accounts on our servers (see procedure below for this). Our DNS are:

  10. Wait up to 24 hours for the new DNS information to propagate, and you're done!


In order to transfer your hosting account files on to our servers, we are assuming that you already have your entire web site on your local computer. You must now follow these steps:

  1. Order the web hosting package that best suits your needs, while making sure you've selected the "transfer" option for your domain (see procedure above).
  2. Once you have made your payment, wait for our confirmation e-mail containing all the connection details (this is normally sent within 12 hours of your payment).
  3. Connect to our servers by FTP (or any other file publishing method you prefer), using the Permanent Address we provided for your account. This way you can transfer files to your account before pointing your domain name to us, thus decreasing downtime for your visitors.
  4. Upload all your files in the "public_html" directory.
  5. If you had email addresses with your other host, re-create those email addresses on our servers using the Add/Remove Email Address feature of our cPanel.
  6. ADVANCED - If you had any databases with your other host, copy them to our servers as well. You will need to re-create the database on our server using the cPanel (note that due to some cPanel restrictions your database name might be different from its name with your other host). Then you may export the contents of your database from your other host and import it into your new database on our servers. This can be done quite easily with the phpmyadmin tool.
  7. ADVANCED - If needed, update your web site's configuration files and scripts in order to ensure all settings are correct, particularly where they refer to database connection credentials.
  8. Test your web site using the permanent address provided, and fix any bugs you discover.
  9. You're now ready to point your domain name to our servers! This can be done by changing your domain's DNS to:
  10. Wait up to 24 hours for the new DNS information to propagate, and you're done!

Questions or problems? Contact our technical support team for assistance. If you would like our team to handle the transfer of your web site from start to finish, just get in touch with us. Additional fees may apply.


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